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Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to enjoy a meal without feeling rushed. That’s where Nanny's Food Truck comes in. Catch us at one of our locations in Christchurch and experience what great food on-the-go tastes like

Call in (0273446657) or make an online order from this Website, or Uber Eats and Give Me Bread


5pm - 8.30pm

32 Avalon Street

Friday 5pm - 8pm

Two Locations:32 Avalon Street
Raven Quay - Kaiapoi Festival (No Burgers) 


​5pm - 8pm

Two Locations:32 Avalon Street 
Victoria Park - Rangiora Light Festival (No Burgers) 


10am - 2pm

The Works Market (400 Waterloo Road)

We look forward to feeding you at one of our stops



Home to one of the

Best Fried Chicken

in Christchurch


About Us

Why We Do What We Do

Here at Nanny's Food Truck, we don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to your food and service. In doing so, we’re able to offer our customers high-quality food on-the-go at reasonable prices. If you’re feeling tired-out from all of the options, the choice is simple. Choose the best Fried Chicken Food Truck in town. Follow us and find out where we’re parked next!

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1/32 Avalon Street, Richmond, Christchurch 8013, New Zealand




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